CSA is a family-owned architectural firm 
founded by Collin Sherriff  
(B.Tech.; M.A.Arch.; Pr. Arch.D.)

Collin Sherriff (Snr.)
Founder & Director

As the founder of CSA, Collin has been involved in architectural design for 40 years and boasts with more than 350 architectural designs. Collin excelled as a forensic draughtsman for SAPS,  obtaining the military rank of Brigadier (then Director) at the age of only 34,

Collin Andrew Sherriff
Managing Director

After competing his 4-year BSc in International Business Management from the University of Stellenbosch, Collin Andrew went on to  study Economics at the University of Bristol, England.  Skilled in project management, marketing strategy and finance.

André de Villiers
Senior Associate Architect
M. Arch.

With a master’s in architecture from the University of the Free State,  André is driven by his passion for good design quality. He specializes in designing homes with respectable aesthetics, using authentic materials inspired by its landscape. Experienced in residential, commercial, and institutional architecture regardless of its scale or scope, he is ambitious, creative, and committed to his work & clients. 
Hosny Hussein
Senior Associate Architect
B. Arch.

 Hosny brings several years of experience as an architect who worked on different residential & commercial projects in Egypt & RSA. His problem-solving skills and attention to detail, alongside his passion for designing spaces that meet client’s needs, allow him to view each project space as a canvas with endless approaches. Hosny holds a BSc  in Architecture and Environmental design, and is a member of the Royal Institute of British Architects.    
Farai Munuwa
Associate Architect
BTech. Arch.

Farai possesses the ultimate can-do attitude. The challenge of architectural complexity excites him, and Farai likes to solve these complexities with creative flair, believing the spaces we inhabit embody our way of life, and reflect the way we live, work and play. They are not just brick and mortar but concrete manifestations of our dreams and architecture should compliment it. Farai is geared to deliver the best designs.
Derek N. Noi  
Associate Architect
 M. Arch.

  Derek is a dynamic designer with strong technical expertise, a passion for architecture and enjoys seeing his creation built into reality. He loves creating beautiful & comfortable spaces for clients irrespective of their scope, through the creative use of materials and space design. Derek believes a comfortable space lends the inhabitant peace of mind and can foster productivity in their daily lives.  

Albert Barry
3D Rendering Specialist
H.Cert. Digital Arts  

Albert is hardworking and passionate about 3D rendering. He has a keen eye for detail and exceptional skill in creating photo-realism in every project.
Albert enjoys architectural visualisation and 3D rendering. He creates highly detailed interior and exterior renders, while also specialising in animations, virtual reality, and virtual walkthroughs for CSA architects' designs.
Liam Riley
Junior Associate Architect
B. Arch.

Liam is extremely driven & ardent in his approach to life. He expresses his architectural talents through green & biophilic design using nature as his muse. In essence, he values the symbiotic relationship between the natural & built environment and invokes the harmony between the two through his architecture. Liam is creative, efficient, veracious and capable of producing high quality architectural design work.   
Magoro Rudzani 
Junior Associate Architect
CPUT Arch.

A passionate architectural technologist who is very fond
of design. Through his learnings, Rudzani have adapted the design creation through listening, analysing and
 thinking of various ideas abroad.
He believe that through the knowledge and skills he have
obtained he can be a great asset in our nation, and strongly
believe in bringing a change.

Annicka Duvenhage
Junior Associate Architect
ND (Arch. Tech.).

Annicka is passionate about architectural draughting and design. She gives special attention to detail to ensure the best possible version of her work. Her architectural talents can be showcased through sustainable, modern designs and realistic renders. Annicka enjoys spatial planning and interior designing and she also  believes that architecture is a representation of the soul - all qualities manifested in her work.


Proud supporter of Stars For Africa
At CSA we also believe that every child has the right to receive a high-quality education. Stars for Africa ZA is run by a team of young and motivated philanthropists who want to give back to their communities. 

About CSA

Situated in Somerset West, Helderberg, the main focus of CSA is in the residential market, ranging from new homes to alternations and extensions. In particular the firm has excelled in modernizing and reviving spaces to cater for the modern client. CSA has also completed several industrial and commercial designs.

With more than 350 completed designs, CSA is well known in the area. Whilst most of the design projects were completed in the Western Cape Peninsula and Helderberg Basin (Somerset West, Macassar, Strand, Gordon's Bay) areas, successfully completed projects can also be found in Paarl, Kommetjie, Midrand, Brittania Bay, Franskraal, Windhoek, Struisbaai, Stellenbosch, Hermanus, L'Agulhus, Reebok,Pringle Bay and abroad.

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